The Truth About Six Pack Abs is a total body fat loss program written by a professional fitness trainer, Mike Geary. In this training program, you will find many things that might shock you mentally and physically at the same time.

In the Truth About Six Pack Abs book, Mike claims that the only way to lose stomach fat and get awesome looking abs for both men and women is to actually lose overall body fat. I find no doubt this claim is realistic. I mean when was the last time you saw a 210 lb overweight man or women with a flat stomach?

It is common sense that Mike has broken the claims of many infomercials and Ab machines that claim to get you flat abs in a week! Well, now you know that is stupid and impossible unless they provide a total body workout routine and a crazy diet that will literally burn 20-30 lbs off your body in just 7 days.

When you continue reading the Truth About Six Pack Abs book, you will notice that there is equal importance shared among core body training for six pack absdiet and nutrition information in the most necessary details, and total body workout routines that will blow your mind and fat right off!

…I don’t mean to exaggerate but did you know that Diet plays an 80% godfather type role in your mission to do change your physique?

You need to eat more calories with a high percentage of protein to get a body for a competition, but if your goal is to lose fat, you will find clever diet and nutrition techniques in the Truth About Six Pack Abs book that are easy, fun and definitely removes that fat right off your stubborn spots.

…Mike has put forward all the information on how to get a six pack without even doing a single sit up. If you take a look at his Ab exercises, you will notice that the Ab routines only takes 8-12 minutes of your total workout time. Compare that to the 1000s of Ab crunches you do in the gym every singe day!

The total body routines only require 3 days a week, and the diet and nutrition requires you eat 6 meals a day according to the simple formula specified in the Truth About Six Pack Abs book.

…I have nothing further to tell you except for the fact that the routines are super intense and if you have physical weaknesses like a bad back, you should consult a physician before you do anything risky.