Many of you might be trying to find out how to lose weight at home, and I am definitely sure you must be thinking that by eating less, you lose more weight. I am going to prove it wrong. I am going to show you that eating less will only make you more and more overweight in the future. If you really want to know the proper way to lose weight at home, then you will continue reading further.

So far, the traditional approach to weight loss has been to simply reduce food consumption and marry the cardio machine. I have seen people jog in the treadmill for hours and I see them every day for many months, but I see no change. They even claim to eat so little. That little doesn’t even come close my snack!

Yes, I do eat snacks, and it is actually part of my weight loss plan. So I am going to show you why eating less makes you fat in the long run and how you SHOULD be eating to lose weight the right way.

When you eat less, your body has no fuel for energy. So YOU probably think, your body is now going to pull out the fat from the body and use them as energy. But your body thinks different.

Your body thinks you are starving and that it should be STORING more fat to help you survive. Yes, your body has intelligence of its own, or you wouldn’t be functioning the way you are… ;)

That doesn’t mean you should be eating more… That is probably what leads to your obesity in the first place. BUT you should be eating more FREQUENTLY.

Let me put it this way. If you eat more than what your body requires, your body stores the excess energy as fat. If you starve yourself to lose weight, your body will slow your metabolism which means no fat burning again.

So the common sense is to eat frequently. Eat till your body says that you are not hungry anymore. And every three hours, eat again till your body says you are not hungry any more. It stores excess energy as fat so don’t eat excessively.

In short, you should be eating 5-6 meals a day. Now that doesn’t mean you should snacks like chips and cookies and stuff. You should eat healthy too.

If you want to lose weight at home, then you should not starve but eat more frequently and more healthy. Every single meal should contain lean protein like beans, chicken breasts and stuff. And your meal should be filled with fiber rich food like vegetables and stuff.

Grilled chicken salad is a healthy meal without the salad dressing which contains excessive fat by the way. Now that is the part about diets, but what about slow boring cardio? It is supposed to help you lose weight right? NOT REALLY!

It will help lose weight at first, but how long can you keep doing the cardio? 4 hours? 5 hours? It is just crazy and totally useless.

You should be focused on what is called the metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns fat. Eating more frequently with the right amount of protein and fiber will boost your metabolism 24 hours a day.

Slow boring cardio only increases your metabolism WHILE you are working out. I know a way you can increase your metabolism even while you sleep!

It is called interval training. Interval training has many meanings but in my view, it is the short cut and the super modified version of the antique cardio method. Interval training can be done with your own bodyweight, with dumbbells or barbells, or with cardio machines.

It is where you work at a level that boosts your heart rate so high, you go huff and puff in minutes. Example with the treadmill;

You warm-up for 5 minutes
Run as fast as you can at a higher level for one minute
Then reduce the level and slow down for another minute to catch your breath.
Run fast again for a minute and slow down the next minute.

Repeat that cycle 5-6 times and cool down for 5 minutes. You will feel so huffed and puffed, you will have a hard time breathing. It takes no more than 25 minutes and it blasts your metabolism through the roof.

You even burn fat while you sleep! Now that is a workout.

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