There are many mistakes that people tend to perform when try to get six pack abs. Have you noticed that even after working out at the gym for so many hours, and starving yourself to death, you still haven’t seen much of a difference in your physique?

I am going to tell you 5 popular mistakes that you tend to do when you are trying to get a six pack.

1. You don’t watch your nutrition. You eat too little, or you eat different. If you want to get a six pack, you need to eat 6 short meals a day which includes a lean protein and rich fibers in every meal.

2. You do over 1000s of Ab crunches every single day. This will make your abs really strong and big, but how are they every going to show up with all that fat covering it? Did you really think Ab crunches will burn stomach fat? If you did, then slap yourself on the face or do something because you are very wrong! The only way to lose stomach fat is by losing total body fat.

3. You do over 60 minutes of cardio on the treadmill ever day. If you do, then you are wasting all your time and energy for nothing! I can burn three times more fat by doing cardio on the same machine for only 20 minutes, three days a week!

This is called High Intensity Interval Training and HIIT is by far an extremely powerful technique to help you get six pack abs in less time you could possibly imagine!

4. You fall for all those fat loss infomercials that go on TV every single day. Ab machines don’t work. I proved my point above. Diet pills don’t work either. You will only injure your metabolic rate so bad, you will lose more fat in the beginning and start gaining fat in the future no matter how many pills you drink before a meal.

5. You stick to the machines and avoid resistance training as much as possible. Well, it is high time you start getting a dumbbell in your hands because resistance training combined with HIIT and proper diet equals the easiest and fastest route to fat loss.

These are the 5 mistakes you do when it comes to get six pack abs and I have stated what you need to do in remedy as well. These points are basic and the formula is simple but with the fat loss rate going through the roof, the health industry has nothing else to do but exploit hard working consumers like us to over complicate things when it comes to fat loss.

Like they say in preschool – Don’t Make Mountains out Of Mole Hills! If you want to know the fastest route to get six pack abs, then I have already showed you what changes you need to do as of right now!

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