Fat Burning Furnace is a one of a kind fat loss routine written by Rob Poulos, a former overweight himself. What is Fat Burning Furnace, why is it popular and what’s so special about it?

Read on to find out…

What is the Fat Burning Furnace?

Fat Burning Furnace is built of two components;

1. The Workout
2. The Diet

The Workout

This is the speciality of the Fat Burning Furnace program. I have hardly seen anybody use or recommend workout routines like the ones provided in the Fat Burning Furnace. The exercises that Rob has included are great. In my terms, they are compound exercises that help burn more fat than single join exercises like curls and calf raises etc…

That is just part of what makes this workout so great. The specialty of this workout routine is that unlike other training programs that ask you to perform 3-4 sets of each exercise, Rob only asks to perform one set. That’s it!

But there is more to that one set than one could manage in 3-4 sets. It is the rep speed. In the Fat Burning Furnace, you have to perform each exercise at a specified tempo. For example; 3 seconds to lower the weight and 4 seconds to lift the weight. I believe you’ve got the picture of what I am trying to explain here.

I had read a few articles before on working with controlled reps that can speed up your fat loss rate than what you do with higher number of sets. I never took note of it until I across the Fat Burning Furnace. I tried these workouts and unfortunately, I have to admit, I was wrong to skip the articles I had read before.

The workouts are super short but very intense and definitely provide the results you expect in a very short time.

There are many levels of workout including one at last called the Blowtorch Workout which helped me lose 2% body fat in 12 days. I am not bragging anything but I have to admit, the workouts are pretty good.

The Diet

This is where Rob Poulos managed to lose a little bit of the power from his guide. When it comes to fat loss, the workout only plays a 20% role whereas the diet and nutrition are the godfathers, thus playing an 80% role.

Rob does mention about the importance of diet and nutrition, and also gives a good detailed explanation on the types of food you should and shouldn’t eat for fat loss, but he still failed to include certain information like importance of certain kinds of milk and certain fatty acids that can actually boost your fat loss.

Yet, Rob did a good job with explaining the diet principles. The Fat Burning Furnace has given a clear set of guidelines on what to eat and how to eat which is more than enough for a standard fat loss routine especially with a cool workout routine as I explained above.

Verdict: I recommend Fat Burning Furnace program to anyone who has a good motive to lose fat and build lean muscle to get that ripped look in the least amount of time.